Artist’s Statement (Artist Statement)


Artist’s Statement (Koerner)

This work is a unique foray into experimental photography. I do not know of any photographic work with similar effects, and I believe that this technique on wet plate collodion positives has not been attempted before. I’ve aimed my background as an experimental researcher in the chemical sciences directly at understanding the fundamental interplay between light and silver and arrived at this work. I’ve honed my skills in this area for the past four years, which has allowed me to have the predictable control that all artists strive for in their craft.

My art is abstract, but the viewer can still see the “hand of the artist” and the deliberate intentions designed into each piece. The work is purposeful, almost organized, which is difficult to portray and counter-intuitive for nonrepresentational work.

Upon close inspection, these tintype plates depict small details of natural forms; the fractal patterns associated with an event that is almost mathematical but born of nature.

Close-up of the tintype plate, “Escape.”


Each full art piece looks like a topographical view of a distant landscape or a captured celestial episode or a biological, yet mechanical, contraption.

Full image of the tintype plate, “Escape.”


When viewing these tintypes in their entirety, one sees that the imagery is organized, purposeful, intentional, and deliberate. Look beyond the scientists’ concept of molecular self-assembly of silver or the surrealists’ reliance on automatic drawing/writing and “becoming machine.” I want my work to maintain its abstraction, but still connote the act of the artist’s meaning and free-will.