Bostick & Sullivan (Bostick & Sullivan)


Bostick & Sullivan was one of the sponsors of the Alternative Process competition at the SoHo Photo Gallery last November. As one of the artists who had work awarded an honor by the Juror (Miriam Leuchter), I received a $50 coupon towards my next purchase of any alt photo products/materials. Since there is no code or PIN on the coupon to claim the discount, I had to call to place my order for more “stuff” (collodion USP, hypo, etc.). Who answered the phone? It was the incomparable Melody Bostick, President of Bostick & Sullivan, on the other end of the line. We had a nice chat about the explosion of growth in alt photo in the past many years. I told her that Bostick & Sullivan was my lucky supplier of alt photo chemicals, since I also used their chemicals to produce a Kallitype that won the national Grand Prize in SoHo Photo’s Krappy Camera contest in 2006.