Chris McCaw Photography (Haines Gallery)


1) The title image of this post is an image by Chris McCaw from his “Sunburn Series”
The image is entitled,
Sunburned GSP#765 (Pacifc Ocean),
2014 20″x24″ unique gelatin silver paper negative

2) Another image from the same series is being exhibited at the Yossi Milo gallery in NYC.
Sunburned GSP#469 (Full day/ Sierras), 2011
Three Unique Gelatin Silver Paper Negatives
11″ × 14″ (27.94 × 35.56 cm) each element


3) During my visit to the Haines Gallery in San Fransisco in mid-March, I was privileged to see more of Chris McCaw’s work. His photographic series called, “Time and Tides” is on exhibit until May 20th, 2017.  Here is a gallery view of the show:

4) Another from McCaw’s work in the same “Time and Tides” series is entitled,
Heligraph #130 (Double Day), 2016
4 unique gelatin silver paper negatives
10 x 8 inches each, 10 x 32 inches overall

5) Take a look at my Short Video (6 seconds) to see one of his panoramas in a wide shot and a “walking zoom-in,” video close-up (7 seconds).