Hippolyte Baraduc (Famous Works Hippolyte Baraduc)


Title Image, “Photograph of the Fluidic Nimbus of a Medium’s Thumb” (1893) Gelatin Silver Print by Hippolyte Baraduc.

Hippolyte Baraduc (1850-1909)

was a French Physician and parapsychologist, who believed a physical depiction of the departing soul could be seen leaving upon the moment of a person’s death. Baraduc’s photographic experimental efforts to capture images of the human soul (with his wife on her death bed in 1907) were not reproducible and largely rebuked by the scientific community.

Many others have studied odology (the name coined by Baron Carl von Reichenbach in the 1850s to pay homage the Norse god, Odin), which claims that there is an odic (life) force or vital energy in all of us. Other practitioners of this theory included the French philosopher, Émile Boirac (b. 1851-1917); the French experimental hypnotist, Paul Joire (b. 1856?); and the French neuologist, Joseph Grasset (b. 1849-1918).