Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Lightning Fields (Fraenkel Gallery Hiroshi Sugimoto)


I made a quick trip to San Francisco over Spring Break (mid-March 2017) to visit my old friend from grad school. A quick flight from Chicago had me in my old California stomping grounds within four hours. A trip to San francisco MUST include a visit to the fine art photography galleries at 49 Geary St., which includes the Robert Koch Gallery, Fraenkel Gallery, the Haines Gallery and many more – all under one roof (well, actually 5 floors of the same building). A nice bonus is that this building is just up the road (North of Market Street) from the SF MOMA (on 3rd street)

In the Fraenkel Gallery was a wonderful image (No. 232) by Hiroshi Sugimoto from his Lightning Fields series (2009). Take a look at my short video of this work. The series features wonderful fractals caused by huge electrical discharges.