how, How, HOW !! (Procedures)


I like that my work is unique. People realize that this process has not been  done before – well, at least not intentionally. Therefore, I’m hearing Many, MANY, people ask me HOW the heck am I getting this effect on tintypes!

I’ve been working on this technique since 2012, so there is a lot of work (and research/thought, tears, and expense) behind making these plates. Part of the process requires that I use (up to) NINE different developers and THREE different fixers and FOUR different toners – all of my own formulation/design and in different combinations – to get these effects. Just defining the terms (in the broadest chemical sense) is a chore. Listing the reagents and describing the concepts and practices all together would devolve into enough info to fill a 2-day workshop.

I’ve talked about my process to a few people, but their questions just led to more questions, and so on and so on.  So, my basic answer now is:

I add different developers and fixers (or toners) and let them “fight” on the plate, which results in silver metal fractals forming at the interface.