Introduction (Hello Out There !!) (About Me Personal)


Hello out there!!

This is Mike Koerner, and I am a Photo Experimentalist. That intro sounds like what you say at the start of a 12-step program, haha. In a way (good way) that is an accurate description of my enthusiasm for photography – specifically, alternative/historic photography. Couple that enthusiasm with my background in Chemistry, and you get the images portrayed on this website.

I am a teacher by trade – Lecturer of Organic Chemistry at the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign. This is the start of my fourth year in Illinois (after teaching Chemistry the previous 7+ years at The University of Arizona). Learning about how chemical processes work (well enough to explain it to college students) for a living has influenced my work with the wet plate collodion process (from the 1850s) and allowed me to produce the images portrayed on this website.