“Mudras” write-up in The Pitch (Write-Up)


From an article published in The Pitch:

The HAND, Kansas City’s one-of-a-kind art quarterly, gets a gallery exhibition equal to its mission

“At Leedy-Voulkos, the strong selections include Mike Koerner’s “Tendrils No. 5,” a chemigram on wet-plate collodion made expressly for Mudras. Finkelston speculates that Koerner, who is also a chemistry professor, probably “just covered his hand in chemistry and developed” the results. What you see is a ghostly mosaic of radiating crystalline splotches, grouped into the shape of the artist’s hand like bits of glowing white lichen. The reflectiveness of the tin plate the image is printed on gives it light, and while the reproduction in Issue 17 of The Hand is pleasing, the life-size thing itself dances with living dimension.”