New Plate – from the Coronae Series (New Work)


The Coronae Series – chemigrams on wet plate collodion positives (tintypes)

A corona (Latin, “crown;” plural “coronae”) is an aura of plasma that emanates in a fractal pattern around a light-emitting, celestial body, like the sun and other stars. In 1869, astronomers Charles Young and William Harkness suggested that the energy emitted by the sun’s corona was caused by a previously unknown element, “Coronium,” which was later renamed, “Newtonium” by the Russian chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev (who theorized the law used to create the Periodic Table of Elements). Now, it is known that no such elements exist, and the phenomenon is caused by highly-ionized metals. This series of chemigrams on wet plate collodion positives (tintypes) are exactly that: ionized metal (silver ions) forming fractal patterns emanating from around an arc-edge of light.

As a chemist, I am totally “geeking-out” on this!