ONE-Shot (Portfolio Review with W.M. Hunt) (Promotion)


I have been slow developing (see Note) my Chemigram techniques, so I missed the deadline (back in June 2016) to apply for a Full SET of reviews. Luckily, I was able to pay ($60) for ONE 20-minute meeting. The only reviewer (who is a gallery-owner) that remained on the “available list” was W.M. Hunt.

Holy Sh*tuff! I have to say that this is a little intimidating. Now, I’m NOT seeking gallery representation from  Hasted Kraeutler, the preeminent photography gallery in NYC. However, I am hoping to get some direction on where best to show my work and who would be best to approach to represent my art.

Note: Heck, I missed a ton of deadlines while developing this technique. It has taken me more than four years to understand what the crap was going on (chemically) and to get this sh*tuff together.